Northwest STEM Hub

Our Mission:

The Northwest STEM Hub works in Tillamook, Columbia, and Clatsop counties to create and elevate STEM opportunities throughout the region. The partnership of K-12 educators, higher education, community based organizations, families, and industry promotes authentic in-school and out-of-school STEM experiences that ignite students’ passions and interests.

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What is STEM?

STEM learning focuses on the interconnected content areas of science, technology, engineering and math and recognizes the importance of inquiry, investigation and innovation to power our economy and advance our society. We need our future leaders–today’s learners–to have the hands-on, real world experiences that will help them develop the skills required to drive and thrive in a strong, information-age economy.


STEM Resources

In our efforts to create and elevate STEM opportunities throughout the region, we come across many great resources for educators, industry leaders, and youth and families. Explore the resource pages to find STEM materials and opportunities.


November 2018

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“This program is where education meets opportunity.”

Keegan Cotton, 11th grade



Get Involved

Our partners are passionate about creating and elevating STEM experiences and take on a variety of roles and tasks, including:

  • Participating in the creation of a STEM strategic plan for the region.
  • Coordinating a school/industry partnership to introduce students to career exposure opportunities in the region.
  • Spreading the word about STEM events through social media.

STEM Resources

Do you offer an internship for students? Are you running a summer math camp? Do you know of a great professional development opportunity for science teachers? 

Hub priorities

Learn more about how we are creating and elevating STEM opportunities throughout the region. 

upcoming events

Find out about upcoming events and opportunities to get involved.